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FREE HOSTING EU Latest News and Updates

Please check this web page regulary to learn more about the important updates of our free hosting no ads offering, as well as the latest news about our service and improvements of unlimited domain hosting advanced plans and services.

» All websites will stop working by June 2018 - [March 4, 2018]

Unfortunately, as per the previous news .PN Registry decided not to let their domains ending on .PN to be used for free website hosting services any more. I.e. they made a final decision and thus all websites stopped operating few months ago, while sites are still working at the time of posting this news.

However, we'd like to warn all our free hosting service users that all websites will be stopped due to the Registry decision by June 2018 or earlier.

So that, if you are still using for any of your sites, we'd strongly recommend to urgently move your site(s) to one of the reliable free short domains provided via Control Panel:

- Domain Names -> Free Domains (Subdomains) sections.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for understanding!

» All websites might stop working soon - [August 30, 2017]

Unfortunately, it seems that .PN Registry that is the entity that controls and rules all domain names with .PN extension might come to the decision to stop operation of domain names and as a result of these actions all websites with extensions will stop working.

It looks like .PN Registry is not happy any more with the fact that utilizes domain names for website hosting purposes, as they believe such use might harm the reputation of .PN extension through possible abuse accomplished by users of our web hosting services at their websites.

We are working hard to negotiate with .PN Registry to enable some reasonable timeframes for our clients that use domains to let them transfer their websites to other domain names. However, that's not clear yet if .PN Registry is willing to allow some time to move smoothly, and they might make a final decision to stop operation of domain names quite soon.

So, all our clients who use domains are advised to urgently transfer their websites to the other domain names that are available in the "Domain Names" section of their web hosting account Control Panel.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for understanding!

We'll do our best to resolve this issue with the minimum impact to our web hosting clients.

» MySQL Database Storage has been upgraded! - [February 1, 2017]

The latest release of Joomla resulted in the significant increase of database disk space used for a basic Joomla installation that comes to 9.98MB. Before this update our FREE hosting plan provided just 10MB of MySQL disk space that turned to be insuficient for a basic installation. So we decided to increase the MySQL space for the FREE hosting plan from 10MB to 30MB and for the BEST hosting plan from 50MB to 100MB.

Please see the changes in our web hosting plans here.

» Free Domain Name for LIFE with PRO hosting plan! - [July 19, 2012]

Free Hosting EU now enables to register a free for life domain name in case of signing up for yearly+ PRO web hosting plan and the domain is free as long as one keeps using that PRO hosting plan. - Sign Up Now

» has been Rebranded to - [June 28, 2012]

In order to achieve a better brand recognition around all European countries we decided to rebrand our main website to a new domain name. By the time of posting this news all changes have been completed and the new site is fully functional.

Please also note that these changes will not affect the functionality of websites of our existing clients whether they use free domains or paid/free .com, .net, .org, etc. domain names. Also all web pages and interfaces of site have been smoothly redirected to a new site, so our clients should not notice any changes at all.

However, those clients that use our free domain hosting service with domain names registered via 3rd party registrars should change the name servers at their domain registrar from:

to the following nameservers:

We will also send a reminder to change the nameservers to all our clients via email, and we'd recommend make changes as soon as possible to avoid service interruptions.

» Supports Different Currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) now! - [February 20, 2012]

We have added a support of different currencies to Hosting billing system, so now you are able to order web hosting plans and other services using your preferred currency. At the moment in addition to USD we've added EUR and GBP and more currencies coming soon! - Sign Up Now and choose your preferred currency!

» Affiliate Program: $60-$125 per sale, 10¢ per FREE signup! - [July 29, 2011]

We have upgraded affiliate program, so that we now pay 10 cents for every free hosting signup as well as from $60 and up to $125 for every sale of paid web hosting plan and for every upgrade from free site hosting (referred by affiliate) to a paid hosting plan. See the details of affiliate program.

» Free Hosting SMTP access + FREE Wordpress & Joomla! - [March 28, 2011]

Today has upgrades free web hosting plans that now include SMTP access and that means free hosting users can send emails now from their free sites. We have also added 2 FREE site builders to our free and advanced web hosting plans so that all users now can setup Wordpress blog or Joomla based website within minutes. Also file size limit for free plans has been increased to 2MB (from 500KB).

» Unlimited Web Hosting: finally goes Unlimited! - [February 15, 2011] now offers unlimited hosting services, i.e. both our web hosting plans now support unlimited web space and unlimited data transfer (bandwidth), and PRO hosting plan also include unlimited domain names and FTP accounts, unlimited subdomains, unlimited MySQL databases, etc. Check updated unlimited web hosting plans.

» Hardware Failure and Maintenance Update - [January 20, 2011]

Due to hardware failure there might be issues with free website and free web hosting contol panel at this time, also signups for free hosting accounts are temporarily suspended. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Update of 22-Jan-2011: the issue has been fixed and everything is back normal state. No data was lost.

» Web Site Design and Order Form improved - [December 19, 2010]

We have improved web site design a bit to provide a better experience for our site visitors, and we have also improved the functionality and design of order form - now new clients are able to sign up with their own password (before the change a random password was generated and send to clients e-mail address), etc.

» Free Web Hosting Affiliate Program launched - [August 6, 2010] has finally launched a web hosting affiliate program that enables to refer visitors to hosting any earn up to 50% of any referred sale/upgrade (i.e. $40-$75 per sale). That is really easy to refer visitors to because of free web hosting that "sells itself", and it is totally free to join our affiliate program, so that you can just add links with your affiliate code to your site(s) and earn some easy money.. learn more.

» New .CO Domain Name Extension added - [August 23, 2010] hosting now provides the registration of popular .CO domain names. Formally .CO is a ccTLD (country code top level domain) of Columbia, but it was approved by for international use and thus .CO is proposed as good alternative for .com domain name. You can register .CO domains via order page.

» Personal FREE Domain Name at - [June 5, 2009] now offers personal free domains with extension. In order to get a free personal domain, just sign up for any web site hosting plan and you can start registering personal domain names free!

» Ruby on Rails discontinued - [May 13, 2009]

Unfortunately, due to high loads produced we had to discontinue Ruby on Rails support on all servers as well as support of Python at free hosting accounts only. We apologize for the inconvenience.

» New Domain Name Extensions added - [April 14, 2009] hosting now provides .asia and .mobi domain name registration as well as the ccTLD domain names such as popular .be, .cc, .cn, .jp and .tw domains that you can register via domain order page.

» MySQL Server upgrade - [March 15, 2009] now supports MySQL 5.1 database server and an easy interface to choose between MySQL4 and MySQL5 database as well as a trouble-free one-click upgrade to MySQL 5 database.

» ASP.NET Hosting support - [March 10, 2009] now provides ASP.NET web hosting support, as well as very popular nowadays Ruby and Python programming support, plus Ruby on Rails (RoR) support - learn more.

» Web Hosting Monthly Payment support - [January 28, 2009] now supports "3 months" and "6 months" payment periods, so that apart from a discount yearly payment, you can now sign up for a 3/6 monthly paid web hosting plan.

» Huge upgrade of BEST and PRO hosting plans - [January 14, 2009] has significantly increased the web space, monthly data transfer, number of hosted domains (now supports Unlimited domains), and MySQL/PostgreSQL databases on "BEST" and "PRO" hosting plans ..

» Domain Privacy Protection - [December 18, 2008] now enables you to protect your domain name WHOIS information. This Domain Privacy Protection service is available via web hosting Order Form or via your web hosting account control panel.

» Upgrade of PHP versions - [December 5, 2008] now supports PHP4, PHP5 and PHP6 hosting, and you can switch PHP versions via web hosting Control Panel easily now. Plus "Edit php.ini file" feature has been added..

» Private SSL Certificate support added - [October 7, 2008] hosting now offers dedicated private SSL Certificates provided by GeoTrust and a very cheap one provided by RapidSSL, as well as dedicated IP addresses for your small business website, secure area of the site, etc. These services are available to order via your hosting account control panel as add-ons.

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