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FREE DOMAIN NAME at .eu.pn - What's that?

FreeHostingEU.com is a reliable clusted based web hosting provider that offers some of the best free webhosting plans and advanced unlimited domains hosting plans as well as free domains with .eu.pn extensions included with all Free Hosting EU plans as a kind of additional advantage for our website hosting clients.

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Question: What is .eu.pn domain? What does it mean?

Answer: FreeHostingEU provides all their web hosting clients a number of free domain names with a very short .eu.pn extension that has a kind of European meaning (eu.pn read as Euro-pe-an). Depending on the chosen hosting plan our clients can register from 5 and up to 50 free .eu.pn domains and setup them to target the market of Europe or simply use .eu.pn domain as free short address for their website.

Question: How to register a free .eu.pn domain name?

Answer: In order to register a free domain at .eu.pn you should signup either for a free hosting plan or for unlimited hosting plan ("BEST" and "PRO"), then log in hosting control panel and go to Subdomain Manager where you can register and setup free .eu.pn websites according to the web hosting plan allotments.

Noticed an Abuse of .eu.pn domain?

Free Hosting EU does not tolerate the use of our free domain names with .eu.pn extension for any illegal and/or network abusive purposes including but not limited to such abusive activities as SPAM (unsolicited and/or bulk posting by email, forums, news groups, AIMs, social networks, etc.), phishing, other online scams, hacking, warez, as well as copyright infringement, any adult materials (both legal and illegal), etc.

If you notice abuse of any domain with .eu.pn extension, please do REPORT ABUSE properly.

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